New Jersey Black Republican Councilwoman is Viciously Gunned Down in Her Car, Police Investigating Motive

A black Republican councilwoman from New Jersey was viciously gunned down in her car outside of her home on Wednesday.

30-year-old Eunice Dwumfour, a councilwoman from the borough of Sayreville since her election in November 2021, was left riddled with bullet wounds while driving near her home. Her car slid into other vehicles and she was found dead on the scene, according to Middlesex County officials. The news has shocked New Jersey political officials in both major parties.

Sayreville Mayor Victoria Kilpatrick stated that she was “shocked and saddened” by the news of Dwumfour’s death, adding that Dwumfour was “taken from us by a despicable criminal act.” They had both worked together as colleagues on the council.

“Beyond her dedication to our community, I can share that she was a woman of deep faith and worked hard to integrate her strong Christian beliefs into her daily life as a person and a community leader,” Mayor Kilpatrick said. “On a personal note, I can’t adequately express my feeling of sorrow at the loss of a friend.”

Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy also issued a statement mourning her loss.

“Her career of public service was just beginning, and by all accounts she had already built a reputation as a committed member of the Borough Council who took her responsibility with the utmost diligence and seriousness,” Gov. Murphy said. “I send my condolences to Councilwoman Dwumfour’s family and friends, her governing body colleagues, and the entire Sayreville community.”

Dwumfour’s campaign website shows a woman who was dedicated to public service and was a rising star in a GOP that is looking for new voices and new leaders.

“Like you, Sayreville is my home, I love and cherish this town and it is my desire to help improve the lives of its residents,” Dwumfour wrote. “In the past few years, we have seen many changes including a worldwide pandemic, but despite all, Sayreville still stands strong because of residents like you.”

As of right now, law enforcement will not speculate about the possible motive for the heinous crime. However, onlookers said that the shooting definitely did not look accidental. This was likely an act of premeditated murder.

“Definitely doesn’t look like something that was accidental,” said Grady Reilly. “I’m not an expert but it looked like something that was targeted. It was a tight grouping of easily a half-dozen gunshots in the window.”

Police are currently investigating, and only time will tell if this murder was politically motivated. Big League Politics will continue to monitor the story and provide any updates about Dwumfour’s tragic and senseless death.

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