New Jersey Man Hauled Off in Handcuffs for Working Out in a Gym Operating Under Quarantine

At least one New Jersey man was arrested on Tuesday for attending a gym that is operating in defiance of state orders that have been issued by Governor Phil Murphy.

The cops have made it clear that they will enforce tyranny at the behest of the governor and have no regard for the constitutional rights of the individuals who they are supposed to be protecting and serving.

“This gathering is a violation of the governor’s order,” Bellmawr Lt. Mike Draham said. “You are directed to immediately and peaceably disperse. If you do not disperse you can be charged. You can protest from your vehicle…That’s all we have right now.”

Big League Politics reported yesterday on how Atilis Gym heroically defied the lockdown orders and opened the doors of their gym:

The police were cordial on the first day, perhaps to lull the gym owner and patrons into a false sense of security:

Gov. Murphy has openly mocked the Constitution and Bill of Rights, flagrantly declaring that he did not have them in mind while issuing his anti-American edicts:

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) stepped into the hot seat on Wednesday by appearing on Tucker Carlson’s eponymous Fox News program.

Carlson grilled Murphy for his heavy-handed executive orders that have shut down public life throughout his state. Murphy’s responses were very telling and showed what he thinks of the Constitution and his oath of office.

“By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order?” Carlson asked Murphy.

“I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this,” he responded.

“Well I can tell,” Carlson retorted…

Murphy has implied in recent days that this new Soviet-style of governance introduced due to the coronavirus will be the “new normal” moving forward.

“The notion that we’re going to go back to some sort of, let’s just turn the clock back to three months ago, I just don’t see it,” Murphy said during his daily briefing in Trenton on Wednesday. “People talk about a new normal and I think that’s a reality.”

“I don’t know that any time soon we’re going to go back into the — what I love, by the way — big handshake, kiss on the cheek, hug, high fives,” Murphy added. “I just don’t see … a normal gathering in the foreseeable future.”

The governor’s bleak assessment of the future is being echoed by his underlings.

“We use the term resiliency a lot,” said Col. Patrick Callahan, the State Police superintendent. “Some people think that that’s bouncing back, but in this instance, we’re not sure people can ever bounce back so we use the term bouncing forward because none of us … will ever really be the same.”

Murphy has issued 24 executive orders in recent weeks during the coronavirus pandemic. He has implemented a variety of authoritarian measures under the guise of keeping the public safe amidst the crisis.

New Jersey is descending into full-blown tyranny, and the uniformed thugs are to blame for following illegal orders.

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