New Jersey Plans on Punishing Schools That Refuse to Teach Young Children New Sex Ed Curriculum

The New Jersey Department of Education has plans to intervene in school districts that do not disseminate the state’s new sexual education propaganda that teaches 10-years-olds the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. 

The New Jersey Department of Education told the Daily Caller News Foundation that schools that fail to comply with the state’s new sexual education standards will be subject to “disciplinary action,” which includes monitoring or direct intervention from the state government. The sex ed standards were initially passed in 2020 but weren’t implemented until the 2022-2023 school year due to the Wuhan virus pandemic. 

Under these new sex standards, by the end of fifth grade, students are expected to explain the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. Furthermore, 10-year-old students must be instructed to “describe gender-role stereotypes” and how those stereotypes impact themselves and their immediate peers.

The fifth grade students will also learn how to “promote dignity and respect” for peers who have different sexual orientations, gender identities, racial and socio-economic statuses. At the end of the fifth grade, the students should be able to detail every way “pregnancy can be achieved.”

In eighth grade, students will be taught to define anal, oral, and vaginal sex. The students will be called on to design a plan to set up an inclusive environment for all “gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.”

The “New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC)” will be the metric the state Department of Education will use to review how school districts implement the sexual ed standards. The schools are monitored in five categories and if their scores fall below an 80% in any of the categories measures, they will face punishment and state intervention.

“Following the assessment, the district is placed on a performance continuum that will determine the level of oversight, and technical assistance and support it receives,” the state government highlighted in a statement. “Dependent upon the percentage of quality performance indicators a district satisfies upon review of the improvement plan, the Department may determine whether additional monitoring or intervention is warranted.”

Overall, New Jersey’s new sex ed standards is every sexual deviant’s wet dream. School districts in conservative areas of the state should resist these measures as much as possible. If Republicans ever gain power again in the Garden State, they should go to war with the education bureaucracy and purge the bureaucracy of these degenerates. 

The Right must understand that privatizing and reforming education are not enough. Right-wing public officials must design plans to punish leftist instructors and run them out of polite society. 

The Left only understands the language of force the Right must be prepared to use force if it wants to realize its traditionalist vision for society. The days of persuasion are over.

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