New Jersey Public Schools are Set to Promote LGBT Degeneracy in Class Curricula

John Hanna of The Federalist reported on New Jersey’s new policy to teach LGBT ideology in every subject of public school curriculum.

Last year, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a law that mandates the teaching of LGBT material in public school matters, which is set to begin in the 2020-2021 school year.

The activist organization Garden State Equality has set up a curriculum, which is currently being rolled out in 12 New Jersey schools and planned to be implemented across the state in the fall. This is consistent with Murphy’s vision. At Garden State Equality’s 2019 Ball, he stated, “I applaud Garden State Equality for not only leading this effort, but for your continued work in helping to craft this curriculum.”

Garden State Equality (GSE) is an LGBT advocacy group devoted to spreading its vision of “justice” based on an LGBT perspective throughout society.

Hanna details what GSE has in store for public schools:

Consistent with its vision, GSE’s self-described “LGBT-inclusive” curriculum spans all subjects — math, English, social studies, health, science, visual and performing arts, and world languages — beginning in fifth grade. Having New Jersey’s 1.4 million public school students see the world through a LGBT lens is the goal in every class and, thus, now the goal of public education. This is well in excess of the curriculum law’s vague requirements.

This law gives groups like GSE tools to see its vision through by having gender and sexual ideology seep through the curriculum. GSA views its curriculum “as a model that we can bring to every other state in the nation.”

Naturally, this measure has been met with resistance from grassroots parent coalitions throughout New Jersey who are concerned about LGBT propaganda entering public school curriculum. Given how deeply blue the state is, these efforts may prove to be futile.

This is one of many reasons to completely overturn the current public education status quo and revert to more traditional models of non-state education.

Parents should not have to put with their kids being subjected to LGBT content that will most assuredly morph into leftist propaganda promoting social degeneracy.

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