New Jussie Smollett Video Reveals Hoaxster at Scene of Crime with Accomplices Before “Attack”

New video released by the Chicago Police Department could conclusively nail EmpireĀ actor and suspected hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett dead to rights for orchestrating a hate crime hoax in January.

CCTV recordings show Smollett strolling down a street near his residence seconds before the brothers used as accomplices in his hoax can be seen on the same exact footage.

The Osundairo brothers, who have come clean and admitted that Smollett employed their services in a fake “assault” for publicity, walk down the cold and empty Chicago street a mere twenty-seven seconds before Smollett on tape.

An attorney representing the brothers- who have expressed remorse and regret for their involvement in the shameful hoax- explained the circumstances of the footage. The brothers apparently arrived too early on the late January night to stage the attack for Smollett’s liking, and were made to take an awkward stroll around the block before beginning the hoax event.

The brothers, two Nigerian bodybuilders, played the role of racist Trump supporters who doused gasoline and attacked Smollett in a flurry of hateful violence.

More footage released by the Chicago Police Department also exposes the unlikely nature of Smollett’s version of events.

Other surveillance camera footage of Smollett at his apartment lobby before his supposed “attack” shows the actor leaving an elevator with what appears to be an object resembling white rope around his neck.

Smollett had claimed that the racist Trump supporters wrapped the rope around his neck during the incident, engaging in an assault comparable to a lynching.

Obviously, if Smollett placed the white rope around his own neck before the hoax attack, such a claim would be transparently false.

Smollett escaped criminal charges related to his orchestration of the hoax due to his elite connections with Cook County prosecutors, much to the chagrin of a Chicago police union. But, it appears camera footage nails him dead to rights on the hoax, leaving the hate hoaxster thoroughly discredited in the court of public opinion.

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