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NEW LAW: Free Sex Changes for 12-Year-Olds in California Foster Care



A recently enacted law in California, the nation’s most progressive state, you can privately seek and consent to treatment for gender transitioning beginning at the age of 12.

The new California law was written to “provide that the rights of minors and nonminors in foster care, as described above, include the right to be involved in the development of case plan elements related to placement and gender affirming health care, with consideration of their gender identity.”

The law also includes the following provision: All children in foster care, as well as former foster youth up to 26 years of age, are entitled to Medi-Cal coverage without cost share or income or resource limits. The Medi-Cal program provides transition-related health care services when those services are determined to be medically necessary.

The new law means that all tax-paying citizens of California will now be helping to pay for all the services that are included in transition cases such as these, regardless of how one may feel about the subject.

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The bill goes on to state:

It is the policy of the state that all minors and nonminors in foster care shall have the following rights:

(1) To live in a safe, healthy, and comfortable home where he or she is treated with respect.

(2) To be free from physical, sexual, emotional, or other abuse, or corporal punishment.

The sub-provisions state the health care and mental health care that will be included:

The right of minors and nonminors in foster care to health care and mental health care described in paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) of Section 16001.9 includes covered gender affirming health care and gender affirming mental health care. This right is subject to existing laws governing consent to health care for minors and nonminors and does not limit, add, or otherwise affect applicable laws governing consent to health care.

The right to “gender affirming health care” also covers foster-care children as young as 12-years-old. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Children in this age group [12-14] might:

Show more concern about body image, looks, and clothes.

Focus on themselves; going back and forth between high expectations and lack of confidence.

Experience more moodiness.

Show more interest in and influence by peer group.

Express less affection toward parents; sometimes might seem rude or short-tempered.

Feel stress from more challenging school work.

Develop eating problems.

Feel a lot of sadness or depression, which can lead to poor grades at school, alcohol or drug use, unsafe sex, and other problems.

Thinking and Learning:

Children in this age group might:

  • Have more ability for complex thought.
  • Be better able to express feelings through talking.
  • Develop a stronger sense of right and wrong.

Based on some of the items listed above, we’re supposed to accept adolescents who are “going back and forth between high expectations and lack of confidence,” are moody, and short tempered, feeling sadness and depression, etc., to be able to decide their gender?

It’s well known that the human brain does not fully develop till one’s mid to late 20s, which leaves adolescents unable to fully make educated decisions. With scientific studies proving that the adolescent brain is not ready to make such life-altering decisions, why is California allowing young children to decide something so serious that could be irreversible if they were to change their mind before reaching adulthood?

“The vast majority of gender dysphoric children affirmed as the opposite sex go on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are permanently sterilized as a result,” the American College of Pediatricians states in “Protect Children: Vote No on AB 2119.”

Not only could children as young as 12 potentially change their body permanently in an irreversible surgery, but could also be permanently sterilized before their body has even finished growing.

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