New Leaks Showed that Serbia Secretly Agreed to Send Arms to Ukraine

According to recently leaked United States intelligence documents, Serbia has been secretly sending weapons, or at least made an agreement with the Collective West to do so. Such news is intriguing due to Serbia’s ostensibly neutral stance on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Serbia is an Orthodox Christian country that has traditionally been an ally of Russia 

Thomas Brooke of Remix News noted that the intelligence document was first seen by Reuters. The document highlighted a summary of responses by European governments to Ukraine’s requests for military training and weapons.

A chart that was featured in the document showed that Serbia agreed to send armaments to Ukraine, or had already sent them. On top of that, the document highlighted that Serbia had the political will and military capacity to continue supplying Ukraine with weapons in the future.

“The document is marked Secret and NOFORN, prohibiting its distribution to foreign intelligence services and militaries. It is dated March 2, and embossed with the seal of the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” Reuters reported. The document “could be the most serious leak of U.S. secrets in years,” Reuters observed.

Publicly speaking, Serbia has maintained neutrality in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Serbia is the only European country not to jump on the anti-Russian sanctions bandwagon.

Serbia’s Defense Minister Miloš Vučević has poured cold water on the allegations contained in the leaked report and has blamed the individual(s) responsible for leaking the document of trying to get Serbia mired in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

“Serbia did not, nor will it be selling weapons to the Ukrainian nor the Russian side, nor to countries surrounding that conflict,” Vučević declared in a statement on April 12, 2023.

“Someone clearly wants to drag Serbia into that conflict, but we are diligently maintaining our policies,” he continued.

Whether these allegations are true, remains to be seen. It’s no secret that after NATO  bombed Serbia in 1999, the Collective West has been working to break the Serbs and incorporate the country into its fold. Serbia is one of the last few independent countries on the European continent that doesn’t always tow the Brussels, London, and Washington line. For that reason, it will always remain a target for the neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist crowd. 

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