New Metric Reveals How Immigrant Labor is Displacing American Workers

The installation of Joe Biden has invariably led to an increase in immigration in recent months. Most notable has been immigration’s effects on the American labor market.

In the last few months, immigration has picked up thanks to the Biden administration’s lax approach to immigration. Peter Brimelow, the editor of VDARE, highlighted how the present-lockdown policies have hampered America’s economic recovery. More importantly, Brimelow called attention to how migrants are beginning to make up a larger part of the workforce.

The Labor Department’s September Job report revealed that employers created 194,000 jobs in September, which was significantly lower than the original projection of 500,000 that the experts envisioned.

However, there was one interesting observation that Brimelow made. In another employment survey, households instead of businesses experienced job growth of 526,000. Brimelow noted that this was “more than twice as large as the figure actually reported by the business survey, although almost exactly what analysts were predicting for the business survey.”

The Household Survey does cover immigration status. However, it does differentiate between legal and illegal aliens. According to VDARE’s analysis of the Household Survey, immigrant workers made over 60% of the job gains in September.

Brimelow outlined the following labor data points that occurred in September:

  • Immigrants (legal and illegal) gained 316,000 jobs, a 1.18% increase from August.
  • Native-born Americans gained 210,000 positions, a 0.17% gain from August.
  • Thus’s immigrant employment index, set at 100.0 in January 2009, rose to 123.6 in September from 122.1 in August, a 1.20% increase.
  •’s Native-born employment index rose to 105.3 in September from 105.1 in August, a rise of 0.17%.

Brimelow continued to put things in perspective as far American worker displacement went:

This means that the New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI), our name for the ratio of immigrant to native-born American employment growth indexes since January 2009, rose to 117.4 in September 116.2 in August, a 1.03% increase for the month.

American Worker Displacement, as measured by NVDAWDI, is now higher than it was when Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017. After wild gyrations during his Administration, it finally fell, partly because of the pandemic and partly because of Trump’s Executive Actions. Now it may finally be resuming the relentless increases of the Obama years.

Brimelow highlighted how “Total employment in September was about 5 million below the pre-pandemic high reached in February 2020.”

In addition, Brimelow pointed out that “despite 1.3 million unemployed immigrants reported in September 2021, the foreign-born working-age population expanded at a post-pandemic record, year-over-year.”

One thing that the editor of VDARE called attention to is how the immigration population of the workforce has been growing since December 2020, after it became clear that Joe Biden’s installation was a fait accompli. This signified a reversion of the open borders status quo that held strong during the Bush and Obama years.

Brimelow also brought attention to another alarming metric indicating American worker displacement:

Another displacement metric—the immigrant share of total employment—also rose to a post-pandemic high in September. Our analysis shows 17.410% of jobs last month were held by immigrants. Not since February 2020—the last pre-pandemic month—has the immigrant share been above that (17.528%).

From September 2020 to September 2021 Brimelow listed off some numbers that should shock America First patriots:

  • Immigrant employment rose by 2.397 million, a whopping 9.82% gain, while native-born employment rose by 3.833 positions, a 3.11% gain. ADVANTAGE IMMIGRANTS.
  • Native-born American and foreign-born adult populations moved in different directions over this period. The working age population of immigrants rose by 1.301 million, by far the largest absolute rise, year-over-year, of Biden’s time in office. In percentage terms, September’s gain was 3.11%. By comparison, the native-born American working-age population fell by 279,000—a 0.13% decline, year-over-year. ADVANTAGE IMMIGRANTS.
  • Immigrant and native-born American labor forces (working or looking for work) also moved in diametrically different directions—rising 5.20%, year-over-year for immigrants, while falling by 0.05% for native-born Americans. ADVANTAGE IMMIGRANTS.
  • Labor Force Participation Rates [LPR] rose by 1.3% points, or 2.03%, for immigrants, and 0.1 % points, or 0.16%, for native-born Americans. While immigrant LPRs have historically been higher than native-born LPRs, the gap between them LPRs grew significantly: from 3.0% points last September to 4.2% points this September. Notably, even as expanded unemployment insurance benefits expired in early September 2021, there was no surge in participation in the labor force. This suggests that the end of extra generous job benefits may not be the silver bullet to end labor shortage woes that many business groups have argued it would be. ADVANTAGE IMMIGRANTS.
  • For most of the pandemic unemployment rates were higher for immigrants than native-born Americans. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps foremost among them: the low-wage jobs filled disproportionately by immigrants preclude remote employment. In September 2021 immigrant and native-born unemployment rates were identical, at 4.6%. ADVANTAGE IMMIGRANTS, THOUGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATES FOR BOTH GROUPS ARE WELL ABOVE PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS.
  • 6.08 million native-born American, and 1.28 million immigrants, were unemployed in September; over the past 12 months the number of unemployed immigrants fell by 44.0%, while native-born jobless declined by 39.1%. ADVANTAGE IMMIGRANTS.

The rest of Brimelow’s article can be read here.

Overall, the installation of Joe Biden as president signifies a return to the globalist policies of yesteryear. In other words, mass migration that displaces American labor will become the order of the day.

National populists now have a unique opportunity to become the champions of American labor by calling for an immigration moratorium that halts both illegal and legal immigration.

This is the time when the Right can take up the mantle of defending America labor. Let’s not squander it.

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