New Mexico Governor Roasts the Biden Regime For Its Immigration Policies

In a recent leaked audio recording that was posted on social media, 

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was caught manifesting high levels of frustration with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s mass migration policies. She threatened to send a letter blaming his department of failing to work with her on border security.

“For the love of god, put [Border Patrol agents] at the border in Sunland Park where I don’t have a single Border Patrol agent — not one. And people pour over. And so I’m cranky with the Secretary,” Grisham said in the audio. This leaked audio recording was first published by an anonymous account on X.

The conversation was largely centered on federal government confiscation of licensed medical and recreational cannabis at Border Patrol checkpoints in New Mexico.

Based on the recording, the person was apparently a high level official in the Biden regime. 

Later in the audio recording, Lujan Grisham was heard issuing threats about writing a letter blaming Mayorkas of failing to cooperate with her office on immigration issues. 

“But the press also knows that Border Patrol is taking a hard stance, and the only way is either we have to adjust it or I have to send you a letter saying ‘you’re persecuting the state, you are not using your discretion, you’re not working with me on immigration,’” Grisham informed the official. 

“And I don’t want to send out a letter, but I’m, I’m boxed in hard,” she added.

“This unauthorized and edited recording of the governor’s private phone call reflects what she has already said publicly — that she is frustrated by federal seizures of licensed cannabis products in New Mexico, particularly those from small producers. She has expressed the same concerns in phone calls with Secretary Mayorkas,” declared Michael Coleman, the New Mexico Governor’s communications director.

News of the audio leak came at a time when Mayorkas has faced heightened criticism of the way he has tackled the situation at the southern border. 

Back in February, the US House, which is controlled by Republicans, voted to impeach Mayorkas. He became the first cabinet secretary to be impeached since the 19th century. 

There’s trouble brewing in Biden land, which nationalists should exploit as much as possible. Immigration is the issue of our epoch and the more noise that’s made about it, the more likely populists can cruise to victory and crush at the polls. 

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