New Mexico Man Who Shot ANTIFA Thugs Outside of Monument Riot is Set Free Awaiting Trial

A New Mexico man who was apprehended by law enforcement after shooting ANTIFA thugs that were menacing him outside of an attempted monument destruction has been set free awaiting trial.

31-year-old Steven Baca was freed on certain conditions by a judge after a Monday morning hearing. Judge Charles Brown told Baca that he cannot carry a weapon, attend a protest, have any correspondence with witnesses, and must report to pretrial services as conditions of his release.

Baca is facing two counts of battery and an aggravated battery charge. Although the shooting charges have been dropped, District Attorney Raul Torrez is still looking for a way to go after Baca and punish him for standing his ground against the left-wing mob.

“But, I want to make it absolutely clear: the reason he is not facing that charge right now is because the investigation is not complete,” Torrez said.

New Mexico State Police are now in charge of the investigation. Baca’s attorney Jason Bowles filed the motion last week calling for his client’s release. He has claimed that “the State has not even interviewed these alleged victims,” and argued that the felony aggravated battery charge is based on flimsy evidence.

“We do not even know if ‘Jane Doe’ will eventually come forward. In essence, the information can support only misdemeanor charges and there is no basis to detain Mr. Baca on preventative detention,” Bowles said.

Big League Politics has reported on Baca’s stand against the cultural genocide that is happening courtesy of the organized radical Left:

Charges have been dropped for a man accused of shooting ANTIFA members outside of a monument protest earlier this week after it was discovered that one or more of the far-left rioters likely had a knife as they were coming at the alleged assailant.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez criticized the police investigation into the incident when he made the announcement. Cops were missing in action at the scene, but militia members showed up in an attempt to stop rioters from toppling the statue of Juan de Onate, a prominent Spanish conquistador.

Torrez dropped the charge of initial aggravated battery with a deadly weapon against 31-year-old Steven Baca after images went viral that appeared to show 39-year-old leftist agitator Scott Williams coming at him with a knife. Torrez believes that Baca would claim self-defense due to the circumstances and says that a further investigation is needed before shooting charges can be levied.

“There have been rumors on social media about what transpired in the final seconds before this and we are actively looking into those and whether or not this was justified,” Torrez said to an online press briefing. “The reason he is not facing that charge right now is because this investigation is not complete.”

“Right now I have no evidence to suggest that he was in any way armed,” Torrez said of Williams. “The fact that we haven’t charged it (shooting charge) today doesn’t mean it will not be charged.”

Although Baca is a free man for now, the institutional support behind the Left will do everything to crucify the man for refusing to back down against the anti-civilizational hordes.

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