New Mexico Official Shuts Down Flood Of Illegals Into His County

President’s FY2018 Budget Request – On June 13, 2017, Acting Chief Carla Provost (USBP) and Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner John Wagner (OFO) testified before the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Homeland Security, during a hearing entitled: “ICE and CBP FY18 Budget Request.” Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan also testified. Photographer: Donna Burton

The Chairman of the Otero County Commission, Couy Griffin, refuses to have illegal aliens released into his county.

Griffin says that Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has failed to deploy National Guard troops in the face of the growing crisis at the border.

As a result, Griffin is blocking illegals from entering Otero County due to low resources.

Griffin told Fox News that “We’ve had no response from our governor.

This was in reference to the state of emergency that Griffin and Otero County board members declared on April 18.

Former Republican Governor Susana Martinez highlighted how the souther region of New Mexico has no more space to take thousands of so-called migrants being released from federal custody.

Martinez claimed, “There is no more capacity any more they’re giving to the local community — Las Cruces, Otero county giving it to Yuma, here in El Paso. At one point, they have to bus them to other locations that can absorb them. It just is impossible.”

New Mexico, just like its Southern Border counterpart in McAllen, Texas is simply getting overwhelmed by mass migration floods.

Because of the lack of proper response from both state and federal governments, militia groups like the United Constitutional Patriots have stepped up to the plate to provide much-needed security at the border.

However, BLP reported on the massive roadblock they encountered when GoFundMe and PayPal deplatformed the organization from their payments processors. Now, it’s up to county officials like Couy Griffin to pick up the slack.

With how out of control this illegal migration wave is getting, voters have every reason to be worried.

The social effects taking place in political blocs like the European Union and the increasing number of migrants flooding into the U.S. along the southern border make immigration the most important issue of the 2020 elections.

BLP covered GOP voter’s overwhelming support for tackling immigration in the upcoming Presidential race.

Should Trump campaign hard on the issue, it’s likely he will win a second term in office.

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