New Mexico Will Be Newest State to Enact Unconstitutional ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation

The state of New Mexico will be the next state to enact red flag laws that will strip due process rights from gun owners and confiscate their weapons based on an edict from a judge.

The New Mexico state house approved a red flag bill by a 39-31 vote last week. Having previously been passed in the state senate by a 22-20 margin earlier this month, the legislation will be placed on the desk of Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is a massive proponent of red flag laws and expected to enthusiastically sign the bill into law.

“We have an obligation to every single New Mexican, every single family, every single child that we do everything in our power that can provide just that additional layer of safety and public support,” Lujan Grisham said about her support of red flag laws.

The legislation was not passed unanimously by all Democrats in the state house, as legislators Harry Garcia of Grants, Raymundo Lara of Chamberino, Willie Madrid of Chaparral, Rudy Martinez of Bayard, Patricio Ruiloba of Albuquerque, Joseph Sanchez of Alcalde and Candie Sweetser of Deming joined Republicans in opposing the bill.

New Mexico will be the 18th state, along with Washington D.C., to pass this unconstitutional measure that eviscerates multiple amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Counties are passing resolutions to urge Gov. Lujan Grisham not to sign the bill into law.

“Senate Bill 5 and House Bill 7 make criminals of innocent citizens and deprive them of due process of law by making it a criminal offense for gun-owners living with a person made subject to a Red Flag order to not secure their guns from that person, even if the gun owner had no knowledge of the Red Flag order or had no control over another person’s actions,” a resolution passed in Lincoln County states.

In addition to Lincoln County, the counties of Otero and Torrence have passed resolutions condemning red flag laws. Doña Ana County passed a resolution in favor of the anti-constitutional measures.

Big League Politics has highlighted some of the worst abuses stemming from red flag laws that have occurred throughout the country, including a military veteran who lost his weapons due to a case of mistaken identity in Florida; a doctor snitching on a patient who was suing him so his guns would be confiscated in New Jersey; an Iraq War veteran who lost his guns after protesting the governor while wearing a MAGA hat in Oregon; and a man who lost his life when police came to confiscate his guns in Maryland.

Sadly, it will not be long before these kind of heinous abuses come to the state of New Mexico. Lujan Grisham is expected to sign the legislation into law in the upcoming days.

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