New Michigan Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden by Two Points, John James Beating Gary Peters by One Point

President Donald Trump continues to gain momentum in the polls, closing the gap in the state of Michigan and his success appears to be cascading down the ballot as well.

Polling firm Trafalgar Group, who boasts as being the “most accurate pollster of the cycle” of 2018, has Trump beating Biden by a narrow 47 to 45 margin, with Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen getting 3 percent of the support.

The poll also shows John James, the African-American veteran running for the U.S. Senate as a Republican, with a one point lead over his opponent, incumbent Democrat Gary Peters. James reportedly leads Peters by a 48-47 margin. These results were collected from Aug. 14 to 23.

While these results may be close, they show that Michigan is definitely in play as a battleground state for 2020. Michigan is one of the states that President Trump surprisingly won in 2016, as part of his unexpected domination of the Rust Belt.

Big League Politics reported earlier this month about how Trump was quickly bridging the gap in the polls with Biden:

New polls for the November presidential election are gravitating in President Donald Trump’s direction, after months of polling that indicated Democratic challenger Joe Biden was dominating the race.

Polls from Rasmussen and the Hill have indicated that the race is close, and even within the margin of error, with the President regaining several percentage points. Polling aggregator RealClearPolitics reveals that recent polls show the President has gained 3-5 percent support.

Polls in battleground states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania show a race that is statistically tied. A Zogby Analytics poll of North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania showed a razor-thin race in the latter three states, with Biden leading by no more than three percentage points in all of them.

Trump’s gain in recent rounds of polling may be a product of a refocused campaign strategy, with the President branching out to the constituency of white working class voters that proved essential to his shock 2016 election victory after former campaign manager Brad Parscale was reassigned.

Razor-thin election margins could mean the election is once again decided by the electoral college, as Biden’s lead in national polling places undue consideration on large margins of victory in reliably Democratic states such as California and New York.

Democrats are pulling out all the stops, from the COVID-19 scamdemic to the nationwide race riots, in an attempt to convince voters to boot Trump in November. Nevertheless, the president is rapidly gaining steam, and Democrats have to be extremely perturbed as a result.

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