New Montreal Swimming Pool Will Have A Single ‘Gender-Neutral’ Changing Room

A new municipal swimming pool in Montreal, Canada is set to take inclusivity and equality to a whole new level.

The Rosemont Aquatic Complex will feature a single, unisex changing room, differing from traditional municipal pools that have changing rooms for men and women respectively.

Montreal’s decision to only make one changing room was championed by Nathalie Goulet, the city’s “head of social inclusion.”

The city may soon find out that most of the women of Montreal don’t want men to be “included” in a swimming pool changing room that they use.

No one, with the possible exception of teenaged boys, would use the universal changing rooms if traditional men’s and women’s changing rooms were provided. Thus, it’s necessary for Montreal’s progressive social engineers to force the concept upon swimmers, without providing a normal alternative.

The pool designers claim the unigender room will feature some aspects intended to maintain privacy. There’ll be a set number of changing stalls in which swimmers will be able to change with a degree of modesty, although it’s still doubtful most people will feel comfortable changing clothes in proximity to the other gender.

It’s unclear what exactly city officials think they’re going to accomplish by forcing a unigender changing room on Montreal’s swimmers. It’s very possible women simply won’t go to the pool, leaving a de-facto gender segregated facility similar to gendered swimming pools seen in Islamic countries.

The aquatic center is set to open in 2020. It’ll also feature some sort of environmental certification, making the public facility compliant with progressive projects in more ways than one.

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