New Numbers Show 13.7 Million Illegal Aliens Are Now Living In The United States

A report published by the Center for Immigration Studies on March 28, 2024 found that the United States currently has 13.7 million illegal aliens and 51.4 million immigrants. This represents a 6.4 million increase since Biden was installed in office 

In effect, 172,000 new immigrants are arriving on a monthly basis. This inflow of migrants is four times the rate that occurred in the Trump years and close to triple the rate of migrant inflows during the Obama years. 

The bulk of the new arrivals hail from Latin America, and 3.7 million of the net new arrivals came here illegally. 44% of these migrants have no education beyond high school, and a significant portion haven’t even finished high school.

“Education is the single best predictor of how you’re going to do in the United States. What kind of job you’re going to do. How much you’re going to make. What fraction are going to be in or near poverty. What fraction are going to qualify for welfare programs — particularly their children,” declared Steven A. Camarota, the main author of this study.

The US currently has the largest proportion of immigrants in its population, at 15.5%, which is a 2 percentage point increase since 2020. The prior record was 14.8%, which was set in 1890.

There’s a major demographic transformation taking place in the US that the ruling class has facilitated since the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. This has to be stopped if the US is to remain a cohesive nation that the Founding Generation would be proud of. 

The way to ensure that is through the passage of an immigration moratorium, ending birthright citizenship, scrapping chain migration, among other measures. 

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