NEW POLL: Democrats Lose Seven Points To Republicans In Just A Week

President Donald J. Trump addressing a joint session of Congress Feb. 28, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Proving that fake news attacks against President Trump don’t have the same weight they used to, Democrats have lost seven points in Congressional polling. Democrats and Republicans are now in a dead-heat when it comes to Congressional ballot polling.

The poll, conducted by Rasmussen, shows Republicans are tied with Democrats, with 44% of voters favoring Democrats, and 44% favoring Republicans. This is a major difference compared to polling last week which showed Democrats holding a solid 48% support over Republicans who held just 41% support.

Increased support among Republicans was not unique to the Rasmussen poll. While Democrats still held onto a lead in a poll conducted by Monmouth University, Republicans have seen increased support in a similar fashion as the Rasmussen poll.

This is the first time that the two parties have been tied since May, showing that Republican support going into the upcoming midterm election is increasing.

The increased support is coming in despite constant attacks being lobbed at President Donald Trump and other Republicans by the media. It is making an election Democrats once confidently felt they would win into a nail-biter.

In order to regain the House, Democrats are targeting 24 vulnerable Republican seats. While it is unclear if they will be able to pull together enough support, their prospects are looking more grim in the wake of polls like the one conducted by Rasmussen.

If Democrats are able to regain the House, they will surely make obstructing President Trump a priority. It will especially become a battlefield assuming they don’t take back the Senate, as it will be their one refuge or resistance in Washington.

Only time will tell how the midterms will go. But this recent polling is not looking good for Democrats.