NEW POLL: Indiana Senate Seat on Track to Flip Red

According to a Tuesday poll, a U.S. Senate seat in Indiana is set to flip from blue to red on Nov. 6.

“With just seven days until election day, a poll by Cygnal, a national polling and research firm, shows Republican Mike Braun with a 3-point advantage over incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana’s US Senate race,” according to a press release by the polling firm.

Donnelly is a first term incumbent who was first elected in 2012.

“The Cygnal survey, conducted October 26 – 27, with 505 likely general election voters, shows Braun leading Donnelly 49% to 46%, with only 2% of voters undecided,” the press release said.

Braun is a member of the Indiana House of Representatives who is running his Senate campaign on a pro-Trump platform. The homepage on his website says “Indiana Wants to Drain the Swamp,” a phrase coined by Trump himself. Braun is a staunch Second Amendment supporter who wants to do away with Obamacare and touts his record as a businessman who will create jobs for Indianans.

“There are those who want to send the President a message, but that is not translating into significant votes for Donnelly,” said Josh Pendergrass, Cygnal’s director of client strategy. “Voters are more likely to support candidates who support President Trump than they are to support candidates who oppose him. Republicans have a real chance of flipping the Indiana Senate seat when Trump supporters turn out.”

Donnelly has been a Trump obstructionist with Russian “collusion” fever. He even opposed Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is normal diplomatic activity.

“I hope President Trump will cancel his meeting with President Putin and in doing so, make clear that efforts to undermine our elections, attack critical U.S. infrastructure, and act as a destabilizing force abroad will not be tolerated,” Donnelly said in a statement.

If the polls hold, a win for Braun would show that fear-mongering and far-left insanity is driving votes away from Democrats.

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