New Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Rating Slides 15 Points Among Independents Since April; Nearly 30 Point Drop on COVID-19 Response

The Biden regime, which has been propped up to high approval ratings due to constant media fawning, is beginning to lose its luster among the American public.

New polling data from NBC News has shown that Biden’s approval rating has dropped 15 points since April, from 61 percent to 46 percent. There has been a 15 point slide in approval for Biden’s handling of the economy among independents, but the opinion on Biden’s COVID-19 response is where the loss of support has been most drastic.

Public approval for Biden’s COVID-19 policies has dropped from 81 percent in April to 52 percent. The Congressional preference has gone from +14 Democrat to +1 Republican. The fake news media can no longer obscure the disastrous impact of the Biden regime from the masses.

Independents are losing faith in Biden’s COVID-19 response as vaccines become more widespread and Biden has continued to push them. This may suggest that the public is losing faith in Big Pharma’s experimental and dangerous shots.

Big League Politics has reported on how cases are spiking in countries that have complied the most with the vaccine regime, suggesting that there are major problems with the efficacy of the experimental jabs:

Israeli public health experts are expecting thousands of seriously-ill COVID-19 patients to fill their hospitals within a month, despite (or perhaps because of) the nation’s high compliance rates.

The health officials warned Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that roughly 4,800 people will need to be hospitalized with serious cases of COVID-19 by September 10. As the vaccines have been injected into unsuspecting Israelis, the daily caseload has gone from a few dozen per day to over 6,000.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz has announced an increase in health care spending that will enlist an additional 100 doctors, 500 nurses, 200 support staff to give the COVID patients the care they need as the vaccine regime fails them. 

Of course, health experts refuse to admit the failure of the vaccine and are instead discussing punishing the unvaccinated for the lack of efficacy of their shots by expanding their vaccine passport system, called the Green Pass, to only allow the vaccinated to participate in public life.”

Biden’s dropping poll numbers among independents are a sign that the American public may not yet be too far gone. There may be hope for 2022 and beyond.

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