New Poll Shows Biden’s Immigration Approval Numbers are Dropping

Polling has not been kind to Joe Biden when it comes to immigration.

According to an Associated Press report, Joe Biden’s approval rating on immigration has plummeted to 35%. Neil Munro of Breitbart News reported that this is a 5-point drop since June when another AP poll was conducted.

Biden’s disapproval rating grew to 64%, a marked increase from June, when his disapproval rating stood at 54%.

The poll was conducted from September 23 to 27 and asked “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling immigration?”

Munro highlighted figures from other polls that rated Biden’s approval:

Biden’s average ratings on immigration have dropped to 34 percent approval, 58 percent disapproval, according to polls collected by For example, a September 26-28 poll by YouGov showed only 24 percent approval and 61 percent disapproval. The poll also showed 41 percent strong disapproval and four percent strong approval.

The latest polls come at a time when thousands of migrants have been flooding the Del Rio landing site in Texas, a situation that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has attempted to conceal.

However, the migrant flows, which consisted of 30,000 or so migrants, have been so large that the corporate press could no longer ignore it.

Nationalist Republicans should not ignore this either. Politics is not about pushing your pet issues, it’s about serving a certain constituency’s desires. Americans are clamoring for immigration restriction and any politician who listens to the frustrations of Middle Americans and acts on them will be rewarded at the polls and also be able to build a grassroots army that could lead to even bigger victories further down the line.

The question remains: Who will answer the call of immigration restriction?

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