New Poll Shows Mike Pence, Donald Trump Jr Leading Hypothetical 2024 GOP Primary

Four years removed from the 2024 Presidential election, new polling has revealed that Mike Pence holds a strong lead in a potential GOP primary for the nomination.

Donald Trump Jr. also takes a strong second place in the Survey Monkey poll.

Pence took a strong first place of 40% in the extremely early poll which surveyed 1,854 Republican voters nationwide last month. Trump Jr. had 29%, with Nikki Haley taking third place with 26% and Ivanka Trump in fourth with 16%.

While other prospective candidates such as Haley and Ivanka Trump poll somewhat strongly on the basis of their¬† Trump administration connections, their policy alignment with President Trump himself is dubious. In a prospective 2024 primary, they’d face tough questions from GOP voters in regards to their support of neocon wars and progressive domestic policies.

Quite obviously, it’s way too early to take polling about the 2024 election too seriously. There’s an entire presidential election and term that’s yet to occur before the nation selects another President.

In the event President Trump secures his second term, he’ll likely begin to consider how best to cement his legacy. It’s hard to imagine any father not vocally backing his own son’s presidential campaign, but it’s entirely unclear if Donald Trump Jr. plans on running for President. Pence’s speculative campaign is also an uncertain possibility, although it’s somewhat more plausible that the sitting Vice President will run to succeed Trump.

When asked about a hypothetical Pence campaign in 2024 last year, President Trump spoke in glowing terms of his Vice President without giving a full endorsement.

Notably, Tucker Carlson wasn’t included in the poll. The primetime Fox News host has been mentioned in early talk about the far-off election, and it’s possible a poll that included him as an option would be significantly different. Commentators on the left have openly admitted he’d be an intimidating candidate.¬†

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