New Poll Shows Populist Blake Masters in Dead Heat with Democrat Mark Kelly for Arizona U.S. Senate Seat

A new poll shows that populist America First Republican candidate Blake Masters is tied with incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly in the race for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

The poll was taken during Oct. 11-17 with 893 likely voters sampled by Data for Progress, a liberal polling firm. The results showed that Masters has bridged the gap with Kelly, despite the GOP establishment led by Sen. Mitch McConnell pulling millions from his campaign coffers.

Additionally, a poll conducted by Daily Wire-Trafalgar from Oct. 16-17 indicated that Kelly only has a one point lead over Masters. Masters’ rise shows the strength of the America First message and its ability to overcome political disadvantages.

Masters has shown a wealth of knowledge on the major issues facing the American nation, which is very rare in this day and age of rampant idiocracy.

“You see family formation being delayed. Things are getting more expensive every year … People feel like something has gone deeply wrong in this country … The fabric just seems to be unraveling,” Masters said.

“I think we also need to reform our visa systems because we take over a million legal immigrants every year. That’s probably way too high,” Masters said.

Big League Politics has reported on how political smears have done little to stop Masters’ momentum as he has shown to be very resilient on the campaign trail:

Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters has been put through the ringer in recent weeks, being falsely maligned as changing his views on abortion and being a white nationalist among other smears.

But he’s still standing.

According to a new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group from Aug. 24-27, it shows that Masters is within three points of incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly. This is practically within the margin of error…

Masters is not a traditional politician and he scares the establishment of both parties. This is why the Republican machine is denying him $8 million in an ad buy this year. Nevertheless, Masters remains competitive, and the America First movement must rally around him to get him in the Senate where the country desperately needs him.”

Masters is going to be a major national star if he defeats Kelly and is seated as a U.S. Senator. No wonder Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment are shaking in their boots. They are on the cusp of being replaced and put out to pasture by the first of many MAGA intellectuals to be elected to higher office.

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