New Poll Shows President Donald Trump is America’s Most Popular Political Figure

President Donald Trump remains America’s most popular political figure, showing the enduring nature of his legacy after being ousted from office in a color revolution coup during the infamously stolen 2020 election.

The poll from Harvard/Harris was conducted online between the dates of June 28-29 with 1,308 registered voters. President Trump boasts a very favorable rating of 26 percent with a 16 percent favorable rating from respondents.

The results, including the ratings of popular Republican and Democrat political figures, can be seen here:

Other interesting results from the poll include 70 percent of Americans believing the country is on the wrong track, 72 percent of Americans believing the country has a weak economy under Biden, and 71 percent of voters believing that Biden should not run for a second presidential term.

Even though the professional pundit class and the fake news media have been quick to declare President Trump’s political career as dead, the polling shows that there is a major appetite for Trump to make another run in 2024.

Big League Politics has reported on Trump dominating the field of Republican competitors by over forty points in polls about the 2024 Republican primary:

President Donald Trump dominates the rest of the Republican field for the 2024 presidential primary, according to a new Zogby poll.

Trump receives 53.9 percent of the support, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in second with 11.5 percent. No other contender, including former Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Ted Cruz, and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, even breaks ten percent…

“Even though former President Donald Trump has yet to officially announce his 2024 presidential candidacy, he still dominates the GOP as a kingmaker and the most recognizable name in Republican politics,” pollster Jonathan Zogby said about the results of the poll.

“Donald Trump continues his hold on the Republican Party. If he decides to run, he will be the nominee. He is the ‘Teflon Don,’” Zogby added…

The Never Trumpers are attempting to convince DeSantis to run against Trump in order to fracture the MAGA movement. The bottom line is DeSantis would get trounced by Trump, and the Florida governor must not fall victim to hubris. Trump will be the GOP’s next presidential candidate, and he will avenge being robbed in 2020 no matter who tries to stand in his way.”

Trump has unfinished business. He needs to avenge 2020 and show that the globalist power structure can be defeated. Trump is the hero America needs and his destiny is now inextricable with the restoration of America.

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