New Poll Shows that Latinos Are Not Buying Into Joe Biden’s Open Border Policies

New polls show that Hispanics are not down with the Biden administration’s shameless open borders agenda. 

According to a survey by NPR, there’s strong opposition from Americans of all partisan and ethnic stripes to open border machinations coming from Washington, D.C. For example, Neil Munro of Breitbart News pointed out that the “nation’s swing voting independents oppose” the Biden administration’s immigration agenda by a 2:1 margin. 

The poll was pretty straightforward. It asked 1,309 adults if they “approve or disapprove of how President Biden is handling immigration.” In total, only 33% of voters are in favor of Biden’s mass migration agenda. On the other hand, 54% disapprove, the Marist poll revealed

27% of independent voters are in favor of Biden policies, while 53% have expressed their disappointment. 21% of independents have not not made up their minds. Latinos are evenly divided with 43% approving and 43% disapproving of Biden’s policies. 15% expressed indecision. 

Among Republican voters, only 5% support Biden’s immigration policies, while 89% do not approve. Democrats, on the other hand, largely approve Biden’s policies at 66%. 23% disapprove and 11% are undecided. 

College-educated white women are Biden’s strongest supporters when it comes to border policies. 49% approve of Biden’s measures and 39% disapprove of Biden’s approach to immigration. By contrast, white male college graduates largely opposed Biden’s immigration agenda. 26% approve the Biden administration’s approach, while 64% disapprove of the Democrat administration’s immigration policies. 

Similar to surveys in 2020 that showed Hispanics’ support for a strong response to the Black Lives Matter riots, Hispanics’ reluctance to support open borders shows several cracks in the Democrats’ multi-racial coalition. Many Hispanics, third generation and up, are quite assimilated and respect the figures like Cesar Chavez, a strong proponent of immigration restriction. 

His legacy lives on in many Hispanic Americans who maintain skepticism of immigration on economic grounds. The realignment that took place at the Southern border in a number of traditionally Democrat-controlled counties is the strongest manifestation of this trend. Most Hispanics aren’t down with the left modernist agenda that has engulfed other factions of the Democrat Party, thus making them ripe for a national populist message. 

Astute Republican leaders would be wise to target these blue collar Hispanic groups with a precise law and order message coupled with a focus on immigration restriction. The conventional Hispanic outreach strategies of previous Republican movements must go. 

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