New Poll Suggest that There are Growing Fears of a Civil War Potentially Taking Place in America

Is America on the verge of civil unrest? 

According to a poll that the Southern Poverty Law Center released on June 1, 2022,  over half of Republicans believe that the US is heading towards another civil war. This poll claims to have found growing levels of radicalization among Democrats and Republicans.

This poll was conducted at the end of April. 

According to a report by Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times, the poll “found a distressingly high level of support for assassinating politicians whom the respondents believed were ‘harming the country or our democracy.’”

Young male Democrats were most receptive to this idea, as 44% indicated that they would consider assassination as a viable way to protect the country against politicians who allegedly “threaten” democracy. 

Young female Republicans were the second most receptive group to the assassination idea at 40%. 

Older individuals, people ages 50 and older, were generally hostile to the idea of assassination, irrespective of their party or sex. 

Overall, 44% of respondents to this survey stated that the 

US “seems headed toward a civil war in the near future.” 

53% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats hold this view. 

Part of what’s been animating the growing polarization in the US has been “The Great Replacement”, a theory that argues there’s a concerted campaign by elites to demographically transform the United States, and the broader collective West, for the purpose of effecting political change.  

According to the SPLC, 48% of survey respondents said that “progressive and liberal leaders” are “actively trying to leverage political power by replacing more conservative white voters.”

Two-thirds of Republicans, 42% of independents, and 35% of Democrats believe in the Great Replacement. 

Indeed, there is massive polarization in America. It’s amusing how the corporate press will demonize people who talk about the Great Replacement while gladly boasting about America’s changing demographics leading to Democratic Party hegemony at the polls. 

If America wants to reduce its high levels of polarization, it needs open debate on these issues. Moreover, it needs right-wing populist control of political affairs to make sure that order is restored to the polity. And that will start with policies such as the implementation of an immigration moratorium, crackdowns on subversive NGOs, a thorough purge of the cultural Left from public institutions, an overhaul of domestic infrastructure, and the restoration of sound money. 

There’s a lot of work to be done in America. If we don’t answer this call, the very country the Founders risked their lives and treasure to create will disappear into the ether that is civilizational decline. 

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