New Pro-Gun Org Blasts NRA’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation Support at NRA Convention with Guerrilla Campaign

The American Firearms Coalition wants Donald Trump to veto all red flag gun confiscation bills that come to his desk.

At the NRA Convention taking place on the in Indianapolis, the AFC launched a targeted guerrilla marketing campaign designed to inform grassroots gun activists about a potential sell-out by establishment gun lobbies, primarily the NRA itself, on red flag legislation.

These laws, which have gained considerable momentum in state legislatures across the country, allow the government to seize people’s firearms before they have been convicted in a court of law for a criminal offense.

To get the attention of gun rights activists in town for annual NRA event, the AFC has rented ad space on box trucks roaming around the exterior of the convention.

The American Firearms Coalition pulled no punches, blistering the NRA in a statement provided to BLP:

Grassroots Second Amendment supporters across this country are furious the NRA continues betraying their rights over and over again.

Just in the last 18 months they’ve supported FIX NICS, Bump Stock Ban, and now dangerous Red Flags Gun Seizures.

The American Firearms Coalition is flying the “Stop Red Flags” plane over the convention this weekend, reminding the 80,000 gun owners in attendance that they need to rise up and stop the NRA’s Red Flag Gun Seizures.

BLP reported on Senator Lindsey Graham’s effort make red flag laws a reality at the federal level, which has attracted significant pushback from no compromise gun organizations like the AFC and Gun Owners of America.

In a petition page, the AFC notes that a red flag law “allows the states to utilize ex-parte hearings as a part of the process. As you undoubtedly know, this means that the gun owner in question would have no idea that his Second Amendment rights are on the line until the police are at his home with an order to confiscate his firearms.”

The AFC also sees red flag laws as potential vehicles for civil liberties abuses:

This means that a gun owner would not be able to confront witnesses, examine the evidence brought against him, have the benefit of counsel present or any of the other due process protections that he is entitled to. Allowing this bill to become law would violate the 5th and 6th Amendments in part or in whole and would set a terrible precedent.

While filming a video in front of Lucas Oil Stadium, Aaron Dorr, the Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners, revealed that the AFC had an airplane flying overhead with a banner that read: “PRES TRUMP SAVE US: VETOREDFLAGS.COM”

In his video, Dorr  says that red flag gun confiscation “has the support of the NRA.”

However, Dorr clarified that the NRA’s leadership, not the rank and file members, are the ones supporting this bill.

He is calling on grassroots activists and NRA members to make NRA leadership re-consider its position on red flag laws.

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