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NEW REPORT: US Pays More For Illegal Immigrant Births Than Cost of Trump’s Wall



Americans are currently paying more to cover the costs from illegal immigrants giving birth in the United States than what Congress plans to allow President Trump for the border wall funding this year, according to an alarming new analysis from the Census Bureau data, reported Washington Examiner.

The report reveals that women in the United States illegally gave birth to 297,000 babies in 2014, at a cost of $2.4 billion.

That’s $800 million more than what the Senate has approved to fund Trump’s border wall this year and is enough to pay for the wall over 10 years time.

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The Medicaid bill for childbirth and early care to illegal and legal immigrants combined reaches $5.3 billion, according to a report by The Center for Immigration Studies.

Although illegal immigrants are not eligible to receive welfare benefits, the report explained, “Medicaid will pay for a delivery in almost all cases if the mother is uninsured or has a low income, though some mothers without insurance may not even realize the program has paid health care providers. Illegal immigrants and most new legal immigrants are ineligible for Medicaid, but the program will still cover the cost of delivery and post-partum care for these mothers for at least a few months.”

The Center, which conducts routine analysis of Census family data in order to determine the impact legal and illegal immigration has on the United States said that overall, 1 in 5 births – 791,000 – in the United States was to an immigrant mother.

“Our best estimate is that legal immigrants accounted for 12.4 percent – 494,000 -of all births, and illegal immigrants accounted for 7.5 percent, – 297,000,” said the report done by CIS Research Director Steven A. Camarota, Demographer Karen Zeigler and analyst Jason Richwine.

The near 300,000 babies born to illegals is a population the size of Cincinnati.

““Paying for so many births to immigrant mothers may make sense, but the large share who can’t provide for themselves without the help of American taxpayers raises the question of whether our current immigration system makes sense.,” Camarota said.

“The enormous number of births to legal and illegal immigrants in the United States may hinder assimilation as children from immigrant families in many parts of the country will largely interact only with each other,” Camarota added.

When put in perspective, the numbers are rather troubling:

The states with the largest numbers of births to illegal immigrants are:

California with 65,000

Texas with 51,000

Florida with 16,000

Illinois with 14,000

Georgia with 13,000

New York with 12,000

New Jersey with 11,000

North Carolina with 11,000

  • The estimated 28,000 births to illegal immigrants in Los Angeles metro area alone is larger than the total number of births COMBINED in 14 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Illegal immigrants account for more than 1 in 7 births in the Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Jose metro areas – Typically between 2/3 and 3/4 of these births are likely paid for by taxpayers.
  • With nearly 1 in 6, Nevada is the state with the highest share of births to illegal immigrants. Births to illegal immigrants account for 1 in 7 births in California and Texas.

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