New Reports Show that Large Amounts of Foreign Funny Money is Going into American Universities

According to a nonprofit based in D.C., universities failed to disclose $1 billion in foreign funding.

Now reports indicate that the disclosures were “massively incomplete.”

College Fix provided a breakdown of these findings.

Of the $1 billion, “About one-third came from countries known for their influence operations in America,” according to a report from the Clarion Project,  whose research stands against “Islamism, white supremacy, neo-Nazism, Antifa and other extremist ideologies.”

The projected discovered that China was the top country in terms of its level of previously unreported data. The numbers showed that $144 million came “from the Communist country across 48 American institutions over the last six years, the project found.”

Such reports are relevant due to the Department of Education’s crack down on the failure to report foreign funding.

Alexander Pease of The College Fix noted the following:

Newly reported income by universities from Saudi Arabia amounts to $70 million, and dates back as far as 2013. Some of the data from Turkey is just as old, with $8.5 million initially left hanging across half a dozen U.S. universities.

Pease added:

Initially unreported data from the United Arab Emirates totaled $16.6 million across eight schools. Russia’s appearance on the list was solely due to a $500,000 gift that New York University belatedly reported from 2018.

Apparently, three universities failed to disclose a total of $117 million of funding originating from Qatar.  Pease noted that “Most of that figure is made up of funds Georgetown and Texas A&M University failed to report and are already under investigation by the federal government.”

Alex VanNess, co-author of the Clarion Project report, speculates that the lack of disclosure of foreign funding is the result of the previous administration not caring “about foreign funding” and had a “lackadaisical view” when dealing with income monitoring.

The topic of Chinese influence is rather heated at the moment.

Pease highlighted the following aspect of the influence of China’s infamous Confucius Institutes:

In its first foreign funding data filing in at least six years, Xavier finally reported $896,391 from China (“Confucius Institute Headquarters”) going back to 2013. Various senators have characterized Confucius Institutes as Chinese government operations to collect intelligence and access American research, as well as spread Chinese communist propaganda on campus.

China’s growing financial presence at American universities has made several elected officials concerned, which Pease called attention to:

Last year, a Senate Homeland Security subcommittee released a report looking into the influence of foreign funding in U.S. universities, citing several problematic elements of Confucius Institutes on American campuses.

A number of Senators have recommended that universities put the clamps on these institutes:

Several senators have recommended that universities shut down their institutes on campus. Arizona State University is among the schools that shuttered its institute after being denied a Pentagon waiver, the result of a 2018 law that bars federal defense money from Chinese-language programs at schools with Confucius Institutes.

All things considered, China will likely use universities, which are already leftist, as a way to continue to push for policies that undermine the American polity. From the advocacy for the gutting of the right to bear arms to pushing for political correctness, many leftist organizations can potentially become strange bedfellows with Chinese subversives who seek to pursue common goals of undermining American institutions and traditions.

For that reason, migration from China must be halted and Confucius Institutes must be completely shut down.

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