New Right Publisher Arktos Gets Deplatformed from World’s Largest Book Distribution Monopoly

Arktos, the premier publisher of New Right literature in the English language, was abruptly de-platformed by Ingram Content — the international book distribution division of Ingram Industries — earlier in March. According to a news release published by Arktos, Ingram Content is “the world’s largest book distribution monopoly.” This move has resulted in north of 430 publications suddenly “becoming unavailable to the public.”

Arktos received its first termination letter in late 2021, which prompted Arktos to respond and make its case. Because there was no additional communication and the account remained open, the operating assumption was that the decision had been overturned. The Arktos website noted that “However, on February 13, fourteen months later, Arktos was contacted again and all distribution was effectively shut down, as demonstrated by the emails below.”

In response to these shocking developments, Arktos announced the roll-out of a new website and has pivoted to being a think tank. 

‘We are currently undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of our operations to reinstate all titles for distribution as soon as possible’, proclaimed Arktos CEO Daniel Friberg. “Our new website will offer a wide range of content, including a new online journal and eventually even an online university, along with exclusive access to select e-books and audiobooks.”

Arktos has urged its supporters to sign up for a premium membership on its website. The company is dedicated to upholding free speech and is ready to confront its many enemies. 

Arktos was originally founded in 2009 by Swedish businessman Daniel Friberg and American editor John B. Morgan. The company is dedicated to publishing the works of authors of the European New Right, in addition to translating European populist Right literature into English. 

There’s a clear war against right-wing both online and in meat space. The nationalist Right must make it a point to fully take power and crack down on private sector and public sector actors who dare to deprive the Right of its basic freedoms. The time for peacefully debating with these people has long passed. 

It’s time to impose legislation and make the enemies of the Right squeal. 


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