New Rittenhouse Shooting Footage Shows Kyle Chased, Shot at Before Firing at Joseph Rosenbaum

New footage of events that led to a shooting involving Kyle Rittenhouse reveals the Illinois youth was charged by several leftist demonstrators, with one man involved in arson activities firing a weapon at Rittenhouse just before Rittenhouse was attacked by Joseph Rosenbaum. Rittenhouse shot and killed Rosenbaum when he went for Rittenhouse’s rifle, later facing an attack from other Kenosha rioters and shooting two more people.

Jack Posobiec published the footage on Tuesday morning, before it was displayed in opening arguments during Rittenhouse’s trial.

The footage, containing both aerial thermal imagery and video of the street in Kenosha where the first shooting occurs, shows Rittenhouse running through a crowd and asking if anyone needed medical assistance. Rosenbaum, a convicted sex offender who had been released from a psychiatric facility earlier in the day, can be seen hiding among vehicles at a car dealership before beginning to chase Rittenhouse. Another rioter since charged with arson, Joshua Ziminiski, fires a supposed “warning shot” at Rittenhouse’s general vicinity, with Rittenhouse turning around, facing a charging Rosenbaum, and shooting him when he tried to wrest control of Rittenhouse’s rifle.

The video footage may present some of the strongest evidence in favor of Rittenhouse’s argument of self defense, showing him to be attacked by two rioters- one armed- without cause. One man can be heard encouraging a crowd of rioters to “get him” in reference to Rittenhouse, who had merely asked if anyone in the crowd needed medical attention.

Opening arguments in Rittenhouse’s homicide trial ended on Monday.

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