New Study Shows 70% of Individuals Released From Jail Without Bail End Up Being Rearrested 

According to a Yolo County District Attorney’s Office report, over 70% of criminal suspects let out of jail without bail end up being rearrested for allegedly committing additional crimes. 

In the early months of 2022, during the Wuhan virus pandemic, the California Judicial Council mandated counties to implement an “emergency bail schedule” which released thousands of criminal suspects from jail without having to pay bail. This mandate was implemented under the pretext of reducing overcrowding in the prison system.

“This program designated that the bail for select crimes was dramatically reduced, many to zero dollars,” county officials declared.

Yolo County, California, specifically maintained the $0 bail policy until June 2021 when the county’s Superior Court implemented a new bail schedule.

After studying arrest and release data during the time where the $0 bail policy was being enforced, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office discovered that over 70% of individuals who were let out of jail without bail ended up being rearrested for additional crimes.

In addition, the analysis studied recidivism rates during an 18-month period, which discovered 78% of suspects released without bail ended up being arrested again for crimes while only 46% of individuals who paid were arrested again. 

“The results of this recent study on the actual impacts of zero bail policies clearly demonstrate that victimization dramatically increases, and public safety is significantly compromised, when bail is eliminated as a tool for use by the courts,” Yolo District Attorney Jeff Reisig highlighted in a statement.

In sum, roughly 600 suspects were released from jail without bail while Yolo County had the $0 bail policy in effect. Of those suspects studied, 420 ended up being rearrested for several crimes which includes 369 misdemeanor charges and 328 felony charges.

“A 163% increase in total crime and a 200% increase in violent crime by arrestees released on zero bail, when compared to those released by the courts on traditional bail, is the type of compelling data that should drive future discussion on any contemplated bail reform,” Reisig stated.

John Binder of Breitbart News noted “Many of those suspects freed without bail were rearrested for violent crimes including homicide, rape, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking, attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic violence.”

Such lax-on-crime policies will undeniably turn the US into a massive Gotham Clown World polity where criminals reign supreme and the innocent are terrorized at will. To prevent such scenarios, the Right will need to watch district attorney races like hawks and ensure that Soros-funded DA candidates do not get elected.

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