New Study Shows that Foreigners are Settling in the United States at Record Numbers

The United States has added over 2 million immigrants to its population ever since President Joe Biden was installed in office in 2021. This bulk of this migration increase came from illegal aliens according to a report by Steven Camarota and Karen Ziegler that was released on June 1.

After breaking down CIS’s numbers, Stephen Dinan of Washington Times noted that this increase is so significant “that it’s pushed up the projected point at which the U.S. will have its largest-ever share of immigrants.”

At this rate of growth, 14.9% of residents in the US will be immigrants in 2023, which breaks the record set in the late 19th century.  

Steven A. Camarota, CIS’s director of research and the main author of the recently published report, claims that immigrants made up 14.3% of the population. In 1890, immigrants made up 14.8% of the US population and 14.7% in 1910. These figures declined following the slew of immigration controls passed during the 1920s

In 1970, the immigrant share of the American population stood below 5% and in 1990 immigrants made up 7.9% of the population.

These figures come during a time when “The Great Replacement” theory has entered mainstream discussion. The replacement theory posits that the American ruling class is using mass migration to demographically replace the historic population of America for the purposes of cultivating a pliant voter base and workforce 

Camarota used the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey to determine his figures.

He noted there 47 million foreign nationals residing in the US in April. This figure is 2 million higher compared to January 2021. On top of that, this is the fastest rate of growth the CPS ever found. 

Per the CIS figures, illegal aliens in the country comprised 1.35 million of new arrivals. 

None of these figures are happening by coincidence. They’re the product of the Biden administration’s open borders policies such as expanding catch-and-release, which has allowed over 100,000 illegal aliens to be set free into the country on a monthly basis Camarota claimed that the foreign-born population has increased by a monthly average of 132,000. This is a marked increase from the 59,000 increase per month that took place in Barack Obama’s first term, 76,000 per month in Obama’s second term, and 42,000 per month under former President Trump’s watch before the Wuhan virus outbreak.

The national question is the existential issue of our time. Only the right-wing populist sect of the Republican Party is capable of answering this question. And it does so in its proposal of an immigration moratorium.

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