New Trump Campaign Ad Questions Biden’s Mental Fitness

A new Donald Trump for President TV ad calls Joe Biden’s mental acuity into question, pointing out some of the former Vice President’s most questionable mental gaffes and campaign trail mistakes and arguing that the Democratic Party’s elder figure isn’t cognitively fit to be President.

Joe Biden has continued to regularly lose his train of thought, struggle to finish sentences, and even forgotten his physical location as he campaigns for President as the Democratic nominee. The mainstream media has almost entirely ignored the pressing questions surrounding the career politician’s mental acuity, but independent content creators such as leading podcaster Joe Rogan have called out what they’re describing as obvious indicators of mental decline.

The RNC had earlier released a 46-minute compilation of some of Biden’s gaffes and forgetful moments, featuring incidences where Biden claimed he was running for the U.S. Senate, calling to ban “AR-14’s,” and accidentally endorsing a Democratic candidate for Senate to the President.

If elected in November, Joe Biden would be the oldest President in American history to be sworn into office, entering the presidency at the advanced age of 78. Donald Trump, who is currently the oldest President to be sworn in, was inaugurated at the age of 71.

Anyone who watches Joe Biden speak for more than a minute can tell that he is barely there,” said Trump 2020 Communications Director Tim Murtaugh in a statement regarding the ad. “As the President says, ‘Joe has lost his fastball.’

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