New Trump Challenger Joe Walsh Once Told ‘Irrelevant’ Bill Kristol to ‘Stay in Israel’

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, who lost his U.S. House seat in Illinois after only one term, officially announced today that he will primary challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020.

One of the men promoting Walsh’s candidacy is neoconservative Bill Kristol, who pushed for Hillary Clinton to be President in 2016. Kristol, who is now funded by Democrat oligarchs, hopes that Walsh can slow down the Trump juggernaut heading into 2020.

However, Walsh has been a sharp critic of Kristol for a long time. He blasted Kristol just last year for being a Never Trumper who wouldn’t vote to confirm conservative jurist Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court due to his hatred of the President.

Other tweets that Walsh has published against Kristol include calling him irrelevant and suggesting he should “stay in Israel,” in what could be considered an anti-Semitic comment of sorts. Ironically, he criticized Kristol’s futile quest to find a challenger to oppose Trump.

Kristol must be getting desperate to rally around Walsh, who has claimed former President Barack Obama is a Muslim and frequently used racial slurs on his Twitter account, as his new hope to defeat President Trump in 2020.

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