New Video Shows Toddler With Semi-Naked Drag Queen

Has America lost all her sense of moral decency? A new video shared on social media seems to suggest the possibility of such a tragedy. The post, shared by well-known conservative political commentator Lauren Chen (formerly known as ‘Roaming Millenial’), showed a naked drag show queen provocatively walking and grabbing the hand of a toddler likely no older than four years old.

“This is amazing,” a viewer commented in awe on a TikTok video post of the incident.

“ISNT IT, baby was in AWE,” replied the video’s creator.

Chen pulled no punches sharing her displeasure with the video, writing alongside her posted clip that “these people belong in jail,” and that it is a hill she is willing to die on.

The conservative content creator also said that the video’s sender claimed the location to be in Miami. She consequently tagged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his press secretary in hopes of getting action for the sickening display.

The drag show was allegedly hosted at R House in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Chen shared the TikTok account of the venue.

Investigations by Big League Politics found that R House has proudly advertised drag shows in the past. An article in Miami Guide discusses the venue’s “YAS QUEEN!” event, which it describes as “a Friday night Ru Paul’s Drag Race viewing party and drag show and inspired by the vibrant flavors and scintillant sounds of Miami.”

We’ve implemented major changes to our programming to ensure a safe, fun environment for our guests all while embracing our identity as a drag destination,” explained R House’s ‘Chef Rocco.’ “We wanted YAS QUEEN to redefine dinner-and-a-show into something more than a humdrum prix-fixe. This is Miami after all and the only thing fiercer than the competition are our queens,” said Owen, R House’s expanded entertainment logistics guru. “We’re ecstatic to be seating customers during this new chapter, and grateful for this chance to elevate all aspects of R House. We’ve refreshed our brand identity entirely starting with our cheeky new logo, website and overall messaging to reflect this playful shift.”

Followers of Chen commented on her post as well, with one sharing another alleged event by Miami’s R House titled the “DRAG BRUNCH.”

Big League Politics has covered other disgusting displays of sexual themes exploiting children, including the recent busting of a Pennsylvania drag queen who allegedly held large quantities of child pornography featuring prepubescent boys.

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