New Witness Emerges In Mueller-Linked Scooter Libby Set-Up

A prominent Washington DC attorney who writes a weekly column for a popular conservative blog, Clarice Feldman, recently dropped a bombshell on JustOneMinute, a website known for its coverage of the Plamegate hoax, which occurred during Robert Mueller’s tenure as FBI director.

Feldman claimed to know someone who witnessed Marc Grossman outing Valerie Plame.

In response to an article published on (How Mueller Has Been Silending Whistleblowers To Set Up Fake Special Counsels For Years) Feldman was called to question her on her claim that she knew a witness, and she stated the following:

1) A Turkish businesswoman witnessed Marc Grossman outing Valerie Plame as a CIA employee at a Turkish embassy dinner during Grossman’s tenor as Ambassador to Turkey (1995 – 1997).

2) That she (Feldman) was in contact with “this women.”

3) That she (Feldman) talked to Lewis “Scooter” Libby (Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff) about the woman’s offer to testify at his trial but Libby decided that the fact that Grossman outed Plame years prior to the start of the Plamegate hoax was irrelevant. And, he declined the witness’ offer to testify.

Irrelevant? Really?

What could be more relevant than exposing Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald’s star witness as the person who exposed Plame years prior to the beginning of the Plamegate hoax?

In other words, what could be more relevant than exposing the duplicitous tactics of the Deep State?

After all, the very same people who perpetrated the Plamegate hoax are now using those same tactics in their new hoax, Russiagate!

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Feldman’s witness was not the only one who offered to testify on Libby’s behalf.

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds also went to Libby with an offer to testify that Fitzgerald’s star witness, Marc Grossman, was the person who actually outed Plame, and that the FBI and the DoJ knew this long before Robert Novak wrote his now famous article that set into motion the Plamegate fiasco.

(Grossman testimony begins at 6 minute mark)

So with two solid witnesses willing to testify for Libby that Plamegate was a hoax, Americans deserve answers to the following:

Why did Scooter Libby decide against exposing Mueller, Comey and Fitzgerald as frauds back then?

And, why is he not exposing them now?

Help us out here, Scooter. Speak up!


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