New York Abortion Law: Attacker Kills Pregnant Woman, Not Considered a Double Homicide

Thanks to the radical new abortion law in New York, the attacker of a five month pregnant woman will not be charged for a double homicide, once found.

“The law’s repeal of the New York fetal homicide law means the person who stabbed a pregnant woman Sunday in Ridgewood, New York, killing her and her unborn baby, can no longer be charged for the baby’s death,” according to Life News.

35-year-old Jennifer Irigoyen was brutally stabbed to death in New York last week, along with her unborn baby. The already mom of a 12-year-old son, received stabs to the throat, stomach, and chest, being pronounced dead after arriving to the hospital. “No arrests have been made. At this point in the investigation, police have neither established a motive for the deadly assault nor a description of the suspect,” the Times Ledger reports.

The New York Post reported,

“He’s got a knife! He’s going to kill the baby!” shouted five-months-pregnant Jennifer Irigoyen around 1 a.m.

“Building super Lisa Raymos said surveillance video showed that “The first time, he stabbed her in the stomach.’’”

“A neighbor who only gave her first name, Kristin, said she heard a man and Irigoyen arguing loudly and then the victim “yelling … about wanting to protect her baby.’’”

What makes this tragic story worse is that under the new abortion law in New York, once the attacker is found, he will only be charged with the death of one person. But, what is being reported as clearly a targeted attack on the pre-born child, will only result in the charge of one death.

The Reproductive Health Act repeals the state fetal homicide law that made the unlawful killing of a pre-born child a homicide in some cases. Not only does the law allow for abortion up to 40-weeks, but it also strips away common sense abortion laws. Babies born from botched abortions do not have to receive medical care to continue living and abortions may be performed for basically any reason up to birth. Instead of receiving the punishment the attacker deserves, he will only face the repercussions of one homicide- all thanks to Governor Cuomo.

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