New York Bill Would Force Individuals to Get a Criminal Background Check to Purchase a 3D Printer

New York State Senator Jenifer Rajkumar recently introduced a bill that would require all individuals trying to buy a 3D printer to go through a criminal background check. 

This bill was crafted as a response to a growing suspicion among anti-gun politicians that convicted felons, who are generally banned from legally purchasing a firearm, are 3D printing individual components to create so-called undetectable, “ghost gun.”  The focus on “ghost guns” is one of the latest obsessions that Gun Control Inc. has been pursuing in recent years. It’s just another gradualist ploy by the anti-gun crowd to destroy the Second Amendment. 

The bill in question, AB A8132, would also ban the sale of those printers to any individual with a criminal history that bars them from possessing a firearm. This is a clear infringement on both the Second and First amendments due to how the legislation clamps down on a form of gun ownership and stymies people’s ability to disseminate speech by limiting who can use a 3D printer. 

This legislation is part and parcel of the gun control measures that frequently get introduced in New York. The Empire State is one of the most anti-gun jurisdictions in the nation as evidenced by its 51st place ranking in Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings. 

Due to the rabidly anti-gun nature of the New York political class, such legislation will likely pass. At this point, only nullification of state gun control laws and litigation efforts to overturn said legislation are the only viable strategies to push back against blue state gun grabs.  


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