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New York BLM Lawyers Charged With Firebombing Police Car Released on Bond

Social justice organizations had been agitating for their release.



Two New York City lawyers charged with firebombing a police car during the race riots that swept over the city following the death of George Floyd have been released from jail, following a campaign by prominent social justice organizations to allow them to post bail. Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, both registered attorneys in New York, have been federally charged with causing damage by fire and explosives to a police vehicle, offenses that could merit them 20 years in prison.

Authorities allege that Mattis and Rahman hurled a molotov cocktail into the window of an empty police vehicle before fleeing the scene of the crime in a getaway car. The device failed to detonate, but the two were quickly arrested, the seriousness of their alleged crime meriting federal charges.

A federal appeals court granted the pair an opportunity to post $250,000 bail while awaiting trial, after federal prosecutors sought to deny them pre-trial release.

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Upon their release from the Metropolitan Detention Center, neither Mattis nor Rahman appeared inclined to talk to the media.

Rahman and Mattis graduated from prestigious Ivy League law schools, and the latter worked for an elite Manhattan law firm, before being erased from the firm’s website following his rioting charges.

Elite-funded social justice and progressive organizations have been demanding that the federal government show leniency to the two, likening their arson attack to a police car that could’ve been occupied to mere “vandalism” and calling for a special standard to be applied to the two progressive attorneys of color.

A fundraiser for Mattis has raised more than $300,000, with more than 7,000 donors contributing.

They’ve both plead not guilty. They’ll be restricted to home confinement while awaiting an outcome in the justice system.

Violent Left

Parler CEO John Matze Forced to Flee Home Under Deluge of Left-Wing Terror Threats

Matze is suing Amazon for deplatforming Parler.



Parler CEO John Matze has been forced to flee his home and go into hiding after receiving an onslaught of left-wing death threats. Parler, a free speech social media platform, has been temporarily shut down in an extensive deplatforming campaign. Amazon promptly cut Parler’s access to its Web Services after the US Capitol riot earlier this month, cherry-picking examples of content that violate Parler’s terms of service and claiming the platform is being used for violent purposes.

Matze made the frank admission in a court filing for Parler’s lawsuit against Amazon, requesting that the court keep any disclosures about his personal life and location secret. Parler is currently suing Amazon in federal court for its immediate revocation of Parler’s hosting agreement, arguing that Amazon agreed to provide 30 days notice before any potential termination of Parler’s hosting, pursuant to the party’s original agreement.

Matze reveals that he’s been forced to leave his home and go into hiding with his family, citing Amazon Web Services’ “vilification” of his company.

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Employees of Amazon have allegedly been threatened and harassed as well for shutting down Parler. The court filing in favor of redaction references these threats in requesting the court provide redaction of personal information to both sides.

Both sides of this dispute have shown that their employees have suffered real harassment and threats—including, on both sides, death threats—owing to the charged nature of this litigation.

Parler therefore agrees with AWS that safety and security concerns justify the limited sealings requested here,” Parler requests in the Amazon lawsuit.

Parler’s administrators are still seeking to return the free speech social media platform to full operation, although it could take weeks to bring it back online. They may have learned a lesson about the futility of contracting hosting services with a Big Tech monopoly such as Amazon.

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