New York City is Expected to Pay Over $1 Billion to Provide Illegal Aliens Housing Over Next 3 Years

Due to the migrant crisis fully engulfing New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has put forward a proposal that would extend the city’s contract with the Hotel Association of New York.

This plan to house illegal aliens would last until August 2026 and is projected to cost $1.35 billion in total since the migrant crisis kicked off in 2022.

Per a New York Post report, the extension was recently put forward during a City Council meeting. Department of Social Services/Homeless Services Commissioner Molly Wassor Park claimed that the city was taking steps to transition away from hotels to other forms of housing. However, she stressed that the move would take time.

She continued by noting that the contract extension was to be carried out “one time instead of year-by-year.” She said that by doing so, the city would “have some predictability.”

A DDS spokesperson said to the Post that the extension is “designed to provide capacity as needed,” but also “provides the flexibility to scale back or terminate if circumstances on the ground change.”

Adams recently revealed that city officials expect the city to pay over $12 billion to deal with a projected 100,000 illegal aliens by 2025. That said, it wasn’t clarified if the $1.35 billion hotel contract was included in those estimates.

The city already spent $1.4 billion tackling the problem in Fiscal Year 2022, and roughly $5 billion in FY2023. 

Such big spending on housing for illegal aliens is straining NYC’s resources.

Adams has even recognized this, noting that the city is “running out of money, appropriate space, and personnel to care for [migrant] families,” and pushed for the state and federal government for further aid.

NYC’s political class is clearly on a post-national wavelength. They do not care about serving US nationals. Instead, they would rather hand out benefits to foreign nationals. That’s the globalist way and it could become the national standard if America First nationalists don’t get on the ball and prevent the multicultural Left from attaining a politically hegemonic position.

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