New York City Man Set Free by Liberal Judge After Punching a Cop in the Face Skips His Court Date

A New York City man who was set free by a left-wing judge after being caught on video punching a cop in the face skipped his court date on Monday, demonstrating the perils of liberal criminal justice policies.

Steven Haynes, the 40-year-old suspect, was set free last week without bail and allowed to walk the streets after admitting to hitting a police officer. After he skipped his court appearance on Monday, he was arrested on a bench warrant shortly afterward.

The video of the attack shows a struggle between Haynes and a police officer on a Brooklyn street. Haynes had been reportedly drinking alcohol in public and hassling pedestrians while sitting on a sidewalk. After the punch, the cop’s partner had to beat Haynes with a collapsible baton to subdue him. It took several law enforcement officials to take him into custody.

Haynes also faces charges of harassment, menacing, and resisting arrest in addition to his felony assault charge. He may ultimately face more time in jail because of his inability or unwillingness to show up to his court appearance.

Haynes is enabled by liberal public officials like New York state senator Julia Salazar of the Bronx, who are known to cheer when violent thugs are let loose on the streets to cause mayhem.

Liberal bail reform policies have empowered criminals and put law-abiding citizens at risk, as the case study of New Jersey has shown:

On January 1 of this year, New Jersey overhauled its criminal justice system and virtually eliminated the old cash bail structure, replacing it with one that relies heavily on a mathematical risk assessment formula…

From January 1 through March 31, 10,193 eligible defendants were processed. Preventive detention was ordered for only 12.4%. Nearly 85% were given pretrial release, some with conditions…

Outraged mother June Rodgers of Millville blames bail reform for the murder of her son. He was shot to death on a street in Vineland in April after a verbal dispute with a man driving a car. Cops arrested career criminal Jules Black, who’d been picked up on a separate gun charge four days before, and released with no bail…

The state has created a Division of Pretrial Services to monitor defendants. The funds come from court fees. There have been 173 employees hired so far. The projected spending for next fiscal year is expected to be in the range of $36 million to $38 million dollars.

The Office of Administrative Courts was unable to provide any statistics on the number of released defendants who have re-offended since January 1, or the number of those who have failed to appear for scheduled court dates.

New York City, with the rest of the state not far behind, is crumbling to pieces because of left-wing government officials with no respect for the rule of law.

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