New York City Mayor Believes Foreign Migrants Have a “Right” to Take America Jobs

While visiting Latin America, Eric Adams suggested that foreign migrants have a “right” to jobs in the United States. 

During an October trip to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia this past weekend, Adams aimed to make it clear to prospective illegal aliens not to travel to New York City, because there “no more room” in the sanctuary city. 

However, while visiting Colombia, Adams suggested that the world’s migrants deserve a “right to work” in the US irrespective of the impact that mass immigration has had on the average Americans’ wages. 

“When you look at Colombia they have really shown how to absorb individuals into their societies, and one of the most important ways to do it is to allow people to work,” Adams declared:

Nothing is more humane and, nothing is more American than your right to work, and we believe that is a right we should extend. 

Adams noted that President Joe Biden has worked diligently to incorporate millions of freshly arrived illegal aliens and legal immigrants into the American labor force even as millions of Americans are unemployed or have stopped looking for work. 

The average politician in the US does not care about the American people, much less the founding principles and ethnic stock of the Historic American Nation. For that reason, there needs to be regime change in the US which results in the election of a new America First political class that will work to protect American workers and the country’s ethnic stock from the scourge that is mass migration.

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