New York City Mayor Eric Adams Fires Top Aide Who Questioned His Ability to Handle Migrant Crisis

After a second hidden camera video from Project Veritas was released, a top aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been fired from his position.

Former New York City Advance Team Aide Chris Baugh was caught on video bashing cops in the second release, showing exactly what the far-left Democrats think of law enforcement.

“Being a cop is like the cushiest gig in the city,” he said. “Like, you might get shot, but otherwise it’s very good.”

“They [former NYPD officers] chose not to do a very, very harmless thing that protects the rest of society — f–k ’em,” Baugh said, referring to the cops who refused to submit to vaccine mandates. “I don’t give a s–t. They’re like ‘Wah, this is unfair’ — f–king deal with it.

“I have no sympathy for them,” Baugh added.

“The first tape we saw, Christopher made disparaging remarks about me … People crap on me everyday. You gotta be thick skinned. But when you have disparaging remarks about first responders, that’s unacceptable. It’s not tolerated. I know what first responders went through, I cannot allow that to happen and my team cannot be a part of that. We did give him a second chance. You got to have thick skin in this business. My first responders don’t have to be thick skinned, and I’m going to stand up for them,” NYC Mayor Eric Adams said about why Baugh was terminated.

“His comments today disparaging first responders are completely unacceptable, and we’ve terminated this employee effective immediately,” Adams’ press secretary, Fabien Levy, said in a statement. “Mayor Adams will always stand up for our first responders and have their backs.”

Levy also criticized Project Veritas, even though he could do nothing to dispute anything stated in their video release.

“Let’s also not forget that, time and again, Project Veritas has lied to spin false narratives and deceive the American people,” he said. “This is an enterprise run by a convicted criminal and one that admitted to lying about their identity and their intent just to secretly record and have conversations with this now-former employee.”

The latest video release can be seen here:

In the first video release, Baugh admitted Adams’ total incompetence at handling the city’s migrant crisis.

“Frankly, I don’t know how much Biden is going to appreciate having a mayor be like, ‘Hey, you owe blue cities money because of this migrant crisis.’ Like, eventually that’s going to make Biden look bad. We’re a month out [until] midterms and he is not going to like that. It’s a very perilous situation for him and I don’t know that Eric Adams is capable enough to navigate it,” Baugh said.

Baugh was fired for telling the truth about the incompetence of his boss. Adams isn’t much better as mayor than pathetic far-left communist Bill de Blasio.

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