New York City Schools are Projected to Have Declining Enrollment Rates in the Fall

According to projections from the Office of Student Enrollment, New York City public schools are set to lose roughly 30,000 students by this fall. 

The New York Post reported that NYC’s Department of Education is expecting to enroll about 28,100 fewer students in the fall. 

“Here’s what’s happening with the Department of Education,” Mayor Eric Adams said at an event this past week.

“We have a massive hemorrhaging of students — massive hemorrhaging. We’re in a very dangerous place in the number of students that we are dropping,” Adams stated.

Per the data, the nation’s largest school district is expected to preside over a student population of 760,439 children by the end of the next school year. 

The DOE reported that approximately 120,000 students have exited the public school system over the past five years. 

Officials alluded to national trends of diminished enrollment. They argued that falling birthrates, a lack of affordability, and relocations during the pandemic are factors that have contributed to declining student enrollment. 

The New York Post reported that city charter schools have experienced growth in the past 6 years. Total enrollment has grown by 1.3% in 2022 per figures from the New York City Charter School Centers. In addition, charter school enrollment has grown by 9% since the Wuhan virus pandemic kicked off. 

The combination of harsh masking policies, awkward online learning modules, in addition to the over the top indoctrination taking place at these institutions has motivated parents to pull their children out of government schools. 

The populist Right must make it a point to drastically overhaul the country’s education system by introducing school choice and defunding public schools. If these institutions are to exist in the short term, right-wingers need to impose punitive measures on administrators and teachers who propagate degeneracy and poison the minds of the youth. 

If the Left continues to control the education system, we can only expect more cultural radicalism to spread across the nation. The time to fight back is now. 

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