New York City to Directly Fund Abortion with Taxpayer Funds

New York City, the nation’s biggest municipality, is set to directly fund abortion procedures for women who travel from states where they’re restricted.

The city council has appropriated $250,000 for the abortions. It’s likely that the city’s abortion fund would be enough to terminate up to 500,000 fetuses in the womb, but the program doesn’t amount to a full public funding of any and all abortions in the city either.

City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera led the effort to allocate the funds to the New York Abortion Access Fund, in what’s been called one of the first instances in which a city government has directly funded the dangerous procedures. New York already funds Planned Parenthood, by far the nation’s biggest abortion mill.

New York- both the city and the state- have shown themselves willing to push the boundaries on what has been traditionally understood as acceptable in a local government’s embrace of abortion, going well beyond other blue states.

Governor Andrew Cuomo figuratively spat in the face of pro-life New Yorkers when he ordered the Empire State Building to be lit pink, in celebration of the state legislature passing a late-term abortion law that expressly legalizes the procedure 24 weeks into a pregnancy. The New York legislature seems to have passed the law in direct response to advances in pro-life policy occurring in red states, a reactionary phenomenon that seems to be repeating with New York City’s bankrolling of the Abortion Access Fund.

The children of New York City deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well- even if the pro-abortion radicals in state and local government failing to protect them are blind to their plight.

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