New York Fentanyl Kingpins Released From Jail For Free Under Left-Wing Bail Reform Laws

As a devastating opioid epidemic continues to ravage American communities and take countless lives, New York’s criminal justice system seems to have decided that it doesn’t consider the pre-trial detention of those charged with peddling the drugs to be necessary.

Six drug dealers accused of running a massive $7 million fentanyl drug ring from a Bronx apartment were released from jail before their trials on Wednesday, without having to pay a cent in bail. The men will avoid having to pay bail in accordance with New York’s new bail reform laws, that restrict the use of surety bonds for criminal defendants in all but the most grave criminal cases.

Livo Valdez, Jaslin Baldera, Frederick Baldera, Frandi Ledema, Diego Tejada and Parfraimy Antonio were arrested on Monday when police officers raided their heroin and fentanyl packaging ring.

Photos of the bust revealed a mother lode of highly addictive and dangerous drugs that were being prepared for sale on the streets.

The men will almost certainly face the prospect of lengthy prison terms if they’re convicted in court on heroin trafficking charges. Some of them have connections to the Dominican Republic, and were ordered by a judge to surrender their passports as a condition of their release.

It’s reasonable to assume some of the alleged drug traffickers pose a flight risk. Since they didn’t have to pay a cent in bail, they could be all the more likely to jump town and seek to escape the United States as they walk freely on the streets.

The State of New York is wholly unserious about treating serious drug offenses with the gravity they deserve.

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