New York Health Officials Confirm Polio Sighting

Is there any disease this state doesn’t have? New reports have revealed that New York public health beuaracrats discovered the first known case of polio in the United States since 2013.

The health officials are reportedly on high alert for any additional cases after their recent discovery in Rockland County.

Polio has largely been eradicated in the United States but is highly contagious. It can wreak havoc upon the human body — symptoms of those infected can lead to eventual paralysis or even death.

“Individuals who are unvaccinated, including those who are pregnant, those who have not completed their polio vaccine series previously, or community members who are concerned they have might have been exposed, should get vaccinated by Rockland County – who will be hosting local vaccine clinics – or partnering health agencies and providers in the area,” said a statement from New York’s health authority.

“Individuals who are already vaccinated but are at risk of exposure should receive a booster.”

State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said that those who have yet to take an FDA-approved IPV polio vaccine should do so “as soon as possible.”

“A viral disease that can affect the nervous system and cause muscle weakness, the polio virus typically enters the body through the mouth, usually from hands contaminated with fecal matter of an infected person. Respiratory and oral-to-oral transmission through saliva may also occur,” the statement continued.

A report by The Post Millenial noted that there has not been a natural occurrence of the Polio virus in the United States since 1979, as did another piece by ABC.

“Vaccines have protected our health against old and new viruses for decades,” New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said. “The fact is, the urgency of safe and effective vaccines has always been here, and we need New Yorkers to protect themselves against completely preventable viruses like Polio.”

New York state routinely makes the news as an epicenter for various disease outbreaks. An earlier report from BLP covered the state’s monkeypox inoculation sites, which opened after the virus apparently infected almost 500 residents, primarily homosexual men. The home of the Big Apple did not fare well during the coronavirus pandemic either — an analysis in April revealed it was potentially the hardest-hit state by the Chinese virus.

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