New York: More Than 80 People Are Quarantined For Possible Coronavirus In Nassau County

WCBCS 880 News Radio reported on February 26, 2020 about Nassau County health officials warning residents about how over 80 people voluntarily quarantined themselves for possible exposure to the coronavirus.

The county’s Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein claimed that 175 residents have used some form of voluntary isolation from the public, family, and friends after traveling to China.

Although there have not been any confirmed coronavirus cases in the county, or the rest of New York, for that matter, there are 83 people still being isolated. In the case they are infected, they must be quarantined for 14 days to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

“We check in with them every day for their temperature. They’re in communication with us, we’re in communication with them,” Dr. Eisenstein stated.

Six people apparently showed possible symptoms of the coronavirus, which included coughing and a fever. After being tested by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all six people received negative results for the virus.

“We discuss with them the importance of them voluntarily complying with removing themselves from contact with other people, and all of them, to this point, have understood,” the health commissioner commented.

All hospitals located in Nassau County have isolation rooms and although there have not been any mandatory quarantines, Dr. Eisenstein affirmed that they are ready to contain the spread of any potential outbreak in New York.

“If somebody were not compliant, we would take next steps. We are prepared for all circumstances,” he declared.

So far, over 80,000 people have been infected globally from the outbreak of the coronavirus that originally started in Wuhan, China. Over 2,700 people have died so far.

On February 26, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he believes it’s “highly probable” that the coronavirus outbreak will reach New York.

“It is highly probable that you’ll see a continuing spread of this virus. It’s highly probable that we will have people in New York State who test positive,” he stated during a press conference.

He called to attention to the fact that the large amount of tourists who go to the state and New York City on a daily basis puts Nassau County and the rest of the state at risk. New York’s Department of Health plans on working with airports in the area to ensure employees receive proper training and have access to cleaning and protective equipment.

“New York is the front door, internationally. We have people traveling here from all across the world. You see how it’s spreading and affecting different countries – Italy recently – but that will continue. Again, I think it’s highly probable and no one should be surprised when we have positive cases in New York,” Cuomo stated.

The governor has plans of requesting several million dollars to help the health department should the virus come to the state.

“We’ll be sending an emergency supplemental appropriations bill up next week to the Legislature, asking for an additional $40 million as an emergency supplemental appropriation for the Department of Health,” Cuomo declared.

The money would go towards hiring additional staff, obtaining equipment, and other resources needed to address a potential coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo is also planning to propose legislation to give power to Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to guarantee that local health departments and public and private hospitals statewide take certain actions and measures as the circumstances require.

The governor is also demanding that the federal government authorize the Wadsworth Center and NYC Public Health Lab to test for the virus.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the coronavirus situation is a serious matter, but he emphasized that there is no cause for panic.

“New Yorkers I have often said do not scare easily, do not get intimidated, do not panic,” de Blasio said. “New Yorkers are very, very consistent. They’re tough, they’re resolute, they help each other, they know how to deal with pretty much anything so I’m going to ask everyone who’s listening to me right now — this is not the time to sow panic, this is the time to share information and help people. This can be dealt with, the places that have had the problem are the places that did not deal with reality; tat were not honest and open; that did not help people understand what to do; that did not make help available easily. We’re doing the exact opposite here in New York City.”