New York Parents Shocked After Video Pushing ‘Puberty Blockers’ is Shown to 7th Graders

New York parents are sick and disgusted after it was discovered that a video pushing “puberty blockers” was shown to 7th graders at a local middle school without giving them any notification.

This happened at the Shaker Middle School in the North Colonie Central School district of upstate New York. Children were told in the video that if they were confused or unsure of themselves, they should consider puberty blocking drugs that result in severe emotionally and physically debilitating effects. This is part of transgender cult training now being pushed on children nationwide thanks to the prevalence of the LGBT Movement.

“We were shocked when he found out this was being presented to them without our knowledge, and the fact that it was medical information that was being relayed to them with no physician, no doctor present, and these are prescription drugs that are life-altering,” parent Christina Sangiacomo told CBS 6 Albany.

LGBT groomers are defending their indoctrination tactics, arguing that they own the souls of the children and there is nothing parents can do to stop their predatory agenda.

“I understand that these are parents who are trying to do what they think is best for their child. My response is, you know, in a very simple way, LGBTQ people exist. You know, I am almost 40 and LGBTQ as a gay man, but I was also 5. I was also 7,” said Nathaniel Gray, executive director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region.

Gray said that he was suicidal in high school and believes that LGBT grooming and propaganda programs in schools will stop youth from considering suicide. However, the data shows the exact opposite is the case.

Big League Politics has reported on how children are becoming more depressed, anxiety-ridden and suicidal even as LGBT acceptance dominates modern culture:

The LGBT poison is taking its toll on abused children as confused and brainwashed kids are considering suicide after being indoctrinated into that demonic lifestyle.

The Trevor Project, a LGBT advocacy organization, found that more LGBT youth are considering suicide than any time over the past three years. They found that 45 percent of LGBT youth have considered suicide over the past year, even as societal LGBT acceptance is at an all-time high.

The trend over the past three years has risen, according to the poll findings. 40 percent of LGBT youth seriously considered suicide in 2020, and that figure rose to 42 percent in 2021. It rose three points in the past year.

Shockingly, 58 percent of transgender boys and men reported that they seriously considered suicide in the past year. 53 percent of nonbinary young people considered the same, and 48 percent of transgender girls and women seriously considered suicide. Keep in mind, this is occurring as children are being drugged who are told by satanic authority figures to question their gender identity.

The results of the survey can be found here.

The LGBT agenda is living up to all of the worst fears of the Christian Right and then some. Only strong nationalism can root out this societal cancer and protect children at this point.

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