New York State Spent $2.1 Billion to Keep Illegals in the United States

According to a report published by the Urban Institute, New York taxpayers were left with a steep bill of $2.1 billion to keep illegal aliens stateside. Center of Immigration Studies fellow David North noted that “money could have been used to send the same 128,000 aliens back to their homelands — in comfort and style.” 

The report was published by the Urban Institute in tandem with the Immigration Research Initiative. It mentioned the Excluded Workers Fund (EWF), which was created to provide funds to illegal aliens who had been barred from using unemployment insurance programs. The program was rolled out in 2021 and ended three months later when it pilfered all of its funds. As North noted, this program “self-terminated when the funds were all claimed” in contrast to “most welfare programs that have continuing mandates.”


North outlined some of the absurd benefits that illegal aliens enjoyed from this program: 

Unlike most unemployment insurance programs, which give a range of weekly benefits to the beneficiaries, with the amount depending on prior earnings and the length of joblessness, EWF had two benefit levels, a one-time check for a thumping $15,600 for 99 percent of the beneficiaries, and $3,200 for the remaining 1 percent. Those with the smaller amounts did not have to meet a different set of requirements; rather, they simply had less plausible applications.

Around 80% of the beneficiaries were concentrated in New York City. New York has recently been witnessing a massive wave of illegal immigration, which has compelled its political class to house these invaders in hotels and other comfortable arrangements on the taxpayer dime.

One of the most shocking conclusions from this report was that “the amount of aid to the vast majority of workers, $15,600, was nearly as much as the annual amount other New Yorkers who lost work were getting in unemployment insurance.” 

This is what a post-national polity looks like. Instead of using government resources to deport these illegal aliens, New York’s political class would rather use taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars to keep these illegal alien invaders in the US. That’s the sign of a depraved political class that merits a regime change at the hands of national populists.

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