New York Supreme Court Orders New York Times to Destroy Veritas Attorney-Client Memos Illegally Obtained From FBI

The New York Supreme Court has ordered the New York Times to destroy attorney-client memos illegally obtained from Project Veritas, in a ruling on Christmas Eve with potential legal ramifications for the FBI.

It’s believed the memos in question, believed to be obtained in FBI searches of James O’Keefe’s mobile phone, were illegally leaked to the New York Times in an attempt to sully Project Veritas’ reputation.

Jered Ede, Project Veritas’ Chief Legal Officer, broke news of the ruling on Twitter on Friday.

The FBI search of O’Keefe’s mobile phone stems from the publication of a story involving Ashley Biden’s diary, originally obtained by Project Veritas and later published at conservative news website National File.

The mainstream media have accused Project Veritas of illegally obtaining the Biden diary, despite an absence of criminal charges and no substantiation of criminal acts. Project Veritas has maintained that the diary was abandoned and later found, rejecting any accusations of theft or wrongdoing.

Immediately after O’Keefe’s phone was seized by the FBI, documents detailing Project Veritas’ journalistic standards and legal policies(in memos from attorneys) were published in the New York Times. A federal judge ordered the FBI to cease and desist all extraction of data and documents from the O’Keefe phone in the wake of the development, frankly recognizing that the rogue government agency was leaking private information to the NYT in an attempt to try O’Keefe in the media.

The episode appears to be the latest development in a long series of FBI misconduct, and further evidence of the rogue agency’s epidemic of anti-conservative bias and disregard of civil liberties. In the ruling, the New York Supreme Court admonished the Times’ defense of journalistic standards, recognizing that they themselves were arguing that Veritas failed to adhere to standards of journalism in their stories about the documents.

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